Discover the newest member of our Les Lunes family in its new colors and get inspired.

Les Lunes is known for unmatchable soft articles of clothing, crafted with passion from viscose.

Today, we take our next step. We’ve been asking ourselves for a long time:

Does active wear need to be so unnatural? So artificial?

The answer is - “NO”

When we work out - we’re not looking for performance. We’re looking to be healthy. To simply feel good. To simply feel natural. As little plastic as possible. As much breathability as possible. A second skin that feels soft on you, and that is soft to the planet.

Today we present: Activewear made from viscose. By Les Lunes. For more simplicity. For less plastic. For work and working out. For me-time, a yoga or pilates session. For more soft, more natural, more Les Lunes in your life.

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Les Lunes activewear made from viscose - natural softness, sustainable training, less plastic