Meet Les Lunes

Her collections are designed for and inspired by the passionate, determined and confident modern woman. She stands for those who embrace femininity and want to feel incredible doing it. Les Lunes developed a livable and eco-friendly bamboo jersey that redefines the power of softness. Each piece is designed with the effortless versatility that a queen deserves. Les Lunes is a promise for those who work hard for their dreams. She defines luxury and comfort in every single French-kissed stitch.

Les Lunes is a eco-luxury collection that pairs Parisian design with American comfort for a ready-to-wear range of key pieces that are effortless, elegant and feminine. Handcrafted from sustainable, eco-friendly, and velvety-soft fabrics made from organic bamboo, which is a highly renewable plant that requires very little water. Les Lunes pieces pay impeccable attention to shape and detail resulting in flattering and complimentary shapes for female form.

Anna Lecat

Anna Lecat - Founder and CEO

In my life and travels, I meet amazing, powerful and determined women. They inspire me. They are so passionate about life and in love with their work. They care for others, and they stay true to who they are while building amazing things around the world. They are my teachers and my inspiration.

I am honored that some of these women have joined me in building Les Lunes. We combine our passions to build beautiful and unique products that help our customers thrive in all that they do. Together, we aim to answer one question - how can we better support a woman’s daily life? We are our customer, and we are here to share our work with you.

Welcome to the family,
Anna Lecat
CEO of Les Lunes

MELANIE MENARD - Operations Ambassador, the Queen of HOW

Melanie Menard

MELANIE VIALLON - Chief Creative Officer, the Queen of WHAT