The Story

From One Strong Woman To Another

Entrepreneur, world traveler and mother of two, Anna Lecat was disappointed in her fashion choices. She could either dress in mock menswear and be uncomfortable, or she could be comfortable in shapeless wear. Believing that clothing could be stylish, feminine, and comfortable, Anna set out to fill the void for herself and for women everywhere. Anna’s quest to provide comfortable, ethically made clothing with Parisian flair was only a part of the equation; she also wanted to create a culture where entrepreneurs, artists and aspiring optimists could unite in support of one another. Her first step was to find a luxuriously soft fabric that had an elegant drape, could withstand the rigors of extensive travel by remaining fresh and wrinkle free, and that was ethically and environmentally sound. Did such a fabric exist? Unlikely, but Anna was undaunted and endeavored to find out. Anna’s epiphany came from her own backyard in Shanghai: bamboo. Environmentally speaking bamboo is a healing grass, ideal for soil that has been abused by clear cutting or overgrazing. After two long years of working with various teams Anna had a sensually soft fabric for her clothing line.

Les Lunes

While in Paris, Anna met Melanie Viallon, a graduate from the distinguished Esmod Fashion School. Melanie was showing her lingerie line, which was tailored to accentuate the beauty of the wearer. Melanie believes that, “The clothes are there to support the wearer, we were not there to fit them.” The two were in agreement that clothing should strike a perfect balance between effortless elegance and flattering comfort; and from one strong woman to another Les Lunes was born.