The People Of Les Lunes

Anna Lecat - Founder, CEO - The Queen of Why

Anna Lecat

THE FACTS: Serial Entrepreneur and expert in Supply Chain Management and Production. Anna speaks English, Chinese, French and Russian. She feels at home in San Francisco, Paris and Shanghai and shares her passion of traveling the world with her husband Jermone and her children.

THE PERSON: In my life and travels, I meet amazing, powerful and determined women. They are true Queens, responsible for their every step and every word, who run their Kingdoms with passion, grace and kindness. They are my teachers and my inspiration. I am honored that some of these women are supporting me in building Les Lunes. We combine our passions to build beautiful and unique products that help other Strong Women thrive in all that they do. Together, we aim to answer one question - how can we be the Strong Women that we are, follow our passions and support people around us, while staying soft and true to ourselves?  We are our customer, and we are here to share our work with you. Welcome to the family,

A strong woman is one “…who is gracious and loving in support of her husband and her family while remaining true to herself and her dreams.”

Melanie Viallon - Chief Creative Officer - The Queen of What

Melanie Viallon

THE FACTS: A graduate of the distinguished Esmod Fashion Design and Patternmaking School in Paris with a Masters in Business Fashion from Isem. Melanie had been working in all aspects of Fashion Brands with an expertise in Fabrics when she decided to join Les Lunes. Her Parisian apartment, situated near Montmarte, holds strong historic artistic energy embodying the perfect space to create.

THE PERSON: There are two effective methods for creating and designing; discerning the customer's needs so you are able to offer them what they want; or anticipating those needs and creating something that will speak to them personally. It is through this anticipation that I am inspired to design product lines that will similarly inspire the evolving needs of the women building our future, while always looking to the example of the women who built our past.

“The clothes are there to support the woman, we are not there to fit them.”

Tobe Sheldon - The Voice of Les Lunes

Tobe Sheldon

THE FACTS: Dabbling in such things as being an EMT, Geologist, Director of Operations of an Aircraft Management Company and a Bartender; Tobe is currently a Copywriter and the owner of a Micro-Winery. She lives in the Russian River Valley with her husband and two dogs.

THE PERSON: My journey has always been about the story, the listening to, and the living and crafting of. Writing is a discovery of courage; it requires a willingness to be vulnerable; it should scare you a little. I am always trying to get to the heart of a person or a place, to bring to light that which resides in shadow and unearth the diamond within. There is magic and beauty in the soul of the world, no matter what darkness you have to pass through to see it, and I am compelled to share this reflection of light that lives within.

“Every moment is a new opportunity to live boldly.”

Frank Roesner - The Eye of Les Lunes

Frank Roesner

THE FACTS: Founder, CEO and Entrepreneur, Frank left a legacy of Recording Studios, Advertising, and Internet Consulting Companies to follow the lens full time. Inspired to travel the world for his images, Frank finds repose in Berlin with his wife and daughter.

THE PERSON: During the last 50 years I have tried to look out for situations where failure is a conceivable possibility. In other words, I love to go where I have not been before. I prefer to think in images; emotions are colors or shades of light; sounds and motion are patterns. There is some irony to the fact that, as a grumpy German with no sense of humor or at least one which isn't compatible with most, I am good with people. I have an interest in their struggle, and I am fascinated by the various kinds of beauty I find with those I get close to, especially the ones who constantly challenge themselves. Taking all this into account, the choice to become a photographer appears to be my personal home-coming. I love what I do.

“A full life is the only one worth living.”