The Les Lunes Women

The Les Lunes Women

The Les Lunes woman is both soft and strong. She is bold in the pursuit of her dreams and fearless in her devotion to her family. She deserves elegant function from her wardrobe. Les Lunes is there to support and comfort her in all of her endeavors, allowing her to transition from work to play effortlessly.

“I am inspired by the Les Lunes Woman’s enthusiasm and zest for life. I have a deep respect for people that are not only living their lives fully, but also take the time to encourage others to reach their full potential. I am motivated by strong women that don’t take no for an answer and are willing to risk everything in pursuing a path or product they believe in. These are characteristics I cultivate in my own life and I am honored to be able to call many of these like-minded women friends.”

Anna Lecat

There is a growing community of women and men that embody the spirit of ‘entrepreneurship’ not just in business but as a way to captain the ship of their own lives. We wish to create a space both virtual and physical where these inspiring souls can come together in celebration and support of one another, you will find stories of what fuels their passion in our online magazine.

Les Lunes

Do you know or have a story you want told? We invite you to nominate a Les Lunes woman for us to interview and photograph. Please contact:

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