The Company Culture

Our Values

Driven by a fierce desire to create with integrity, we believe that the best products are designed with passion, artisanship and attention to detail; and that the best companies are built by operating with respect, transparency and sincerity.

Authenticity: We pledge to be open, genuine and trustworthy in our devotion to our work, the environment and the people we employ and craft for. In celebration of all women, we refuse to digitally alter any of our models’ photos, we do not wish to change the images of their bodies to fit some unrealistic ideal. Our photos are an honest display of real women, real beauty, without manipulation.

Passion:  A dedication to bringing talented people together that share a zeal for life and a strength of character; those who inspire and are inspired by other audacious souls. Each with their own hunger to create, nourish and applaud the success of others; while giving wings to the breadth of talent in their own hearts.

Photo studio Atelier

Slow Fashion: We believe that true fashion is timeless; we are bucking the mainstream model of following trends. Each essential is created with a classic, elegant style to fulfill a purpose for the customer, so that it will remain a beloved companion in their wardrobe for years to come. From beginning to end, we are dedicated in being socially, ethically and environmentally responsible. We use bamboo as our raw resource because of its low environmental impact and longevity.

Perfection: Quality and integrity define us. We strive for excellence in our craftsmanship, that each essential will honor the wearer for many years. Perfection also means cultivating the virtue of balance in all things: our work, our family, nature and community.

Les Lunes Les Lunes

Our Family

Forever finding people that share our love of creating a better world through their individual talents is how Les Lunes continues to grow. The stories of how each person came to be a member of the Les Lunes family has the echo of a fairy tale. There is a pinch of magic and destiny in the making that graces each narrative. We invite you to read more about us and our journey here.