Our Story

Les Lunes is the daughter of a revolution against mediocrity.

She’s lived in the minds of the movers and shakers who have revolutionized the way women have tied on, unlaced, pulled up and slipped into the intimate layers that are with them through their day.

Born into curiosity, she traveled through pages of her favorite stories before she could walk.

She quickly learned that nothing of worth ever brewed in complacency and vowed to chase challenge while embracing the uncomfortable.

As days turned to years, she longed for feelings forgotten.

Even the wisest of women deserve a kiss of comfort. Even strength can be swayed by softness.

She realized that it’s not about simply having cake and eating it. It’s about deserving dessert and revelling in each and every bite.

Late one night, as the moon whispered its wisdom to those who cared to hear, she made a promise to forever fight for those who work hard for their dreams.

She promised to provide the simplicity of comfort and luxury to women who are anything but simple.