Merci. From Paris

We want to send a huge merci to all of you for the messages received in regards of our Parisian team. By your messages, with the American team hands on our shoulders, you make us stronger than what we could have been alone. More than a Fashion House, we are first an American-French company who wants to share our values and make the world a better place. Both team are together to thank you for your support.

Today we would normally share an inspiring story of one you: our customers. You are the biggest inspiration of the Parisian creative team. Instead we are sharing the story of someone special, who is also a huge part of our inspiration. It's our Paris ...

She is the Love,
She is the Freedom, She is the Art
She is the Culture , She is the Philosophy, She is the Revolution , She is the Resistance ...
… She is PARIS.

Paris, everywhere I look, I can feel the history that made the world I am dreaming for. From Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower.

Chilling in Montmartre, I feel the artists like Lautrec from Albi, free the creativity, painting Parisian nights.
Going down per Martyrs Street, I feel each musician who made me nostalgic playing Piaf on a contrebasse and violin song. I will always stop at the 93 to say hello to the bar crew who have become my second family.
At the corner, the Divan du Monde, the brother of the Bataclan… I feel all the passions of animate musicians playing live. In both places, I have lived my best concerts, my best parties in Paris.
On the middle of Rue Des Martyrs, I cross Pigalle. I can feel the sex revolution and see it’s begining of freedom, seeing on my right the wings of Moulin rouge.
On my way, still going down, looking to the Les Grands Magasins buildings, I feel the designers who free bodies by designing clothes adapted to the new world.
I stop on a bridge crossing the Seine, I feel all the lovers who kissed there like on a Doisneau picture.
On the other side, looking invalid, I feel all the determination of our second war heroes from all around the world, fighting for humanity and freedom.
Sitting at terrasses of St germain des Près, I feel the philosophers who free the mind breaking the limits of only one thinking rule.
Taking our old metro to come back home, I feel the strength of thousand of heels crossing its path for more than a century.
Entering my pedestrian street, I light a cigarette. In the shape of my jacket in the shadow, I feel the women's liberation, thinking of a Newton picture.
Entering my courtyard, I feel the the passion of all musicians living here, piano, guitar, violin, they are all playing.

Am I going back home? Finally no. Someone calls me. It’s Friday night, I’m going out to join friends at a bistrot terrasse, drink wine, remake the world, begin a Friday night. I’m going to live one of those Parisian nights, full of the freeness that we love, because we can touch the freedom.
Because from the dream of freedom, passion is born,
From passion comes inspiration,
From inspiration comes creation,
And from creation the power to change the world.

I am now afraid to answer ‘yes’ to that call. But I will. We always will. We are French, covering our bodies with blood will only reinforce our spirit.

I am Mélanie, I fell in love with Paris when I was young. Here, I found my passion at 11 years old. Here I met Anna 10 years later. From here I motivate and train our creativity to do what we have to do to offer the best in LL collections for you. I want to share with you the story of Paris from our eyes, the story of the Paris that inspires us crossing her streets for a decade. A story like we usually share of our inspiring muse, the story of Paris who is also our muse designing our collections.

Our city, our muse. Paris the confident, Paris who even heartbroken will never fall. Because humanity’s dreams of freedom cannot be killed.

“Fluctuat Nec Mergitur”,

“Tossed but not sunk”. The Parisian motto, our motto.

We usually promote the favorite Les Lunes pieces of our muse at the end of the story. We will promote today the most beautiful dress ever worn. The one that is wearing the tour Eiffel right now. The bleu blanc rouge flag, which today is not the French flag, but the symbol of humanity standing in front barbarism to defend its freedom.