French Patternmaking Secrets

"What if you could buy clothes off the rack that were tailored just for you?"

French patternmaking secrets create perfection in fit and function.

At Les Lunes we are crafting collections that support uniquely you. From first sketch to finished garment, we are employing a time honored French pattern making method for all of our designs. Eschewing the pre-made standard, we created our own measurement chart by gathering information from our customers in France and the United States, taking into account norms for each locale, as well as your lifestyle. With inspirational detail and precision craftsmanship, we are providing garments that have, "...a flattering fit that feels so good you almost feel naked." In essence the look and feel of clothing that was tailored just for you. Maintaining full vertical integration of Les Lunes, every department is working synergistically for perfection in fit and function.

This traditional French fashion technique involves an intricate process to create the perfect fit that Les Lunes customers have come to expect. At our LL.Studio in Paris a construction of the design is made following the sketch, beginning with a Les Lunes Body Base for a size medium. A pattern is made from the construction, and includes sewing measurements, so that finishings can be tested and adapted. Our Parisian creative design team travels to our LL.Atelier in Shanghai with patterns and seam pieces in hand to train our seamstresses on finishings.  Together, our design team, and our seamstresses, develop the first samples. The samples are fitted to a selection of people in Paris and San Francisco and patterns are revised until a perfect fit is accomplished.

Why does this make Les Lunes unique?

Firstly, this is sustainable fashion. Months of research and fittings transpire before a garment is ready for production. By forgoing the mainstream norm and creating collections that will remain stylish through the passing of seasons, we are investing in a better future for us all. Secondly, we are fully integrated. We have positioned each branch of Les Lunes in a location that can draw from its cultural strengths; our LL.Studio in Paris for stylish French savoir-faire, our LL.Atelier in Shanghai for consistency in excellence, and our LL.Showroom in San Francisco for innovative lifestyle. By keeping every detail in house, and working closely together, we are able to maintain quality of product, and an authentic relationship with you. The end result? A recent customer said it all, "I have found the perfect clothing line. Effortlessly elegant, versatile, comfortable and ethically made. I am in love."

And we couldn't be happier!

“Fashion Capital of the World”

The streets of Paris are the beating heart of timeless French elegance. Long known as the “Fashion Capital of the World”, Paris has been attracting the world’s foremost designers for more than three centuries. Home to the oldest fashion and design school in the world, Esmod teaches exclusive and patented methods of pattern making. Founded in 1841 by Alexis Lavigne, the master tailor to the Empress Eugenie, his methods are still being taught today. Melanie Viallon, our “Queen of What” and chief designer, uses these pattern making techniques in her creations, and this is how we are able to get Les Lunes garments to fit you perfectly. The Les Lunes design and product development artisan studio is located in the midst of this city's vibrant energy where fashion has ruled for centuries, and it is there we can craft authentically enduring elements that will weather passing trends. With this vision, we strive towards our goal of providing women with a versatile, classic wardrobe