Why We Use Luxuriously Soft Fabrics Made From Bamboo


We spent two years designing our Signature Rayon made from Bamboo, and we continue to fine-tune it along with our knitted and woven fabrics. We chose to use fabrics made from bamboo because they are incredibly soft, have an elegant drape, and wear well. Bamboo fabrics are breathable, thermal regulating, non-irritating, and highly absorbent, wicking moisture away from the skin 4 times faster than cotton. It is long lasting, comfortable, and easier to care for than silk or wool. While all cloth requires some processing to be made, we feel that Rayon made from Bamboo is the most friendly to the environment due to its many benefits during the growth cycle.


About Bamboo

Biologically classified as a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and can grow in various climates without the need for pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. While bamboo can grow anywhere, much of the bamboo used for textiles is grown in China. The Moso Bamboo plant used for our textiles is organically grown and is highly efficient in water intake. The temperate climate of this region allows it to grow without the need for irrigation, subsisting on rainfall alone. The ability to grow bamboo on marginal land unsuitable for forestry has many benefits, including improved soil quality, prevention of soil erosion and water retention.

The towering bamboo forests not only provide canopy and shade to aid in regulating the climate, but they are a powerhouse when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases. They absorb approximately 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide and produce about 35% more oxygen than an equivalently sized stand of trees. In addition to this, bamboo grows naturally and regenerates without replanting. Because it is a grass, once you cut a shoot it regenerates with a new shoot. This means the soil doesn't need to be tilled and reseeded, so there is no need for exhaust spewing tractors or the harm that comes from tilling up the soil. In fact, regular harvesting of bamboo benefits the health of the plant, the felling of canes leading to vigorous regrowth and increase in biomass the following year. In short: it grows easily and rapidly without need for water or pesticides, doesn't need to be reseeded, harvesting is done by hand, and it helps the environment.

Where city and nature meet

The straight lines and structured shapes of the cities we call home influence Les Lunes designs. From the Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge, we take inspiration from their timeless endurance, and we balance this with colors and fabrics from nature. Joining city and nature together provides us with an element of strength and comfort that will support the wearer perfectly.

Each soft essential is tasked with proving its worth and longevity. We believe that true fashion lasts and each piece needs to be created with intention and artisanship to ensure that it reflects the story of the woman wearing it. When what we wear on the outside resonates with who we are on the inside, we are confident and true in our endeavors. This is how we support you through design.