A look behind the scenes of Les Lunes Homme

The luxurious feel of bamboo rayon has arrived in Men’s wardrobes. Discover the mystery behind the design.

After six months of design and research in our Paris Studio, Les Lunes presents Les Lunes Homme.

Les Lunes Homme focuses on the three most important essentials in a man's wardrobe for its debut. Each of these must be tailored perfectly because these are the items a man wears everyday, whether for work or play.

The Les Lunes creative team spent months in their Parisian Studio tackling the challenge of elevating an everyday essential into an elegant masterpiece of comfort and fit. The dream was a boxer brief to support while being so comfortable it feels like wearing nothing at all, and to achieve this we did away with the standard elastic band and kept the soft feel of the bamboo throughout. The result is simple comfort in an elegant package. Next, Les Lunes Homme takes the humble T-shirt to a new level. Designed to be worn alone or under a dress shirt, the V-neck disappears under a collar but is not so low that it can’t be worn alone on casual days.

“I look like Steve Jobs, so elegant and smart in this long-sleeve T-shirt and my suit,” said one of the Les Lunes beta-testers.

We have fun engaging our customers in the design process.

Les Lunes Homme was born from men who accompanied their wives to the Les Lunes Showroom in San Francisco and were impressed with the transformation they witnessed when their wives donned their new garments.

“She lights up when she wears Les Lunes. I want that for myself,” said one husband.

We listened, and began designing and testing across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The Les Lunes Homme design team felt their mission was accomplished when one man reported back :

“My wife could not keep her hands off my Les Lunes Homme T-shirt! That works for me!”